Thursday, 14 August 2008

Las Vegas - Being Safe

The police who patrol "The Strip" on foot and bike are some of the best trained police officers in the country.
Book a Hotel Room with an in-room safe. Use the safe for storing all your valuables.
Dont be silly enough to be walking from the North Strip Area to the Downtown Area on Las Vegas Blvd at night.
Infact, I would say not even during the day. This is a known high crime area. Take the bus or a Taxi. If you are driving yourself, stay on Las Vegas Blvd and follow the signs to Fremont Street parking, park in any of the Fremont Street casino parking garages (Free if you get your parking ticket validated in the casino you parked at).
When you are Downtown "experiencing" Fremont Street, Stay on Fremont Street !!! Don't venture out into alleys or the deserted streets surrounding Fremont Street. Especially at night !!!
Do not let "friendly" strangers buy you drinks or have access to your drinks. Beware of "partying" with strangers in your hotel room. You may wake up with an extremely bad headache and all your valuables missing.
Try not to go into Gas Stations, Convenience Stores, ATM machine Locations at off-strip locations after dark.

Protect yourself from Pick-Pockets on the strip. Especially at major tourist areas where people stand close together (such as the Bellagio's Fountains, Mirage's Volcano, Treasure Island's Ship Battle, Fremont Street Experience, Etc.) They are there in force. Beware of people bumping into you. Women should carry purses that zip shut and that have a strong strap that crosses diagonally across one shoulder. Thieves have been known grab and run after cutting purse straps with a small knife. Men should carry their wallets in their front pockets or in a zippered inner pocket of a coat.

Carry some bottled water and food in your rental car for emergencies. Remember, you are in the desert. Cell phones don’t usually work way out in the desert either. Do not try to cross flash flooded streams crossing over roadways in the desert. Yes!!!, even if you rent a big 4x4 Hummer vehicle. People have died crossing flash flooded roadways. The vehicles are pushed down stream and filled with mud with the people inside. Check the air in your tires (and spare tire) before going out in the desert. Fill up your gas tank. Be Prepared.

Do not give money to panhandlers, Trust me on this one. They are not homeless, they are scam artists.

Do not cross the street if the "WALKING" sign is not lit up. Many people are hit and killed by cars in Las Vegas each year. Police are very strict about this !!! There is a $100 fine if you are caught jay-walking.

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